Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Post election, we are receiving a large number of calls from those who are afraid of what the coming year may mean for their families, their businesses, their communities, and themselves. For more than three (3) decades, our attorneys have stood alongside our clients, helping them realize the American dream and overcome the obstacles created by our immigration laws. In furtherance of our goals to advocate for a fair and reasonable system, and to promote justice for immigrant communities, we continue to be committed to help our clients, and are available to speak with community groups, religious organizations, and Human Resource and Business Groups to help understand complex immigration issues. There is no fee for attorneys from our office speaking to your group or organization.

While it is exciting to see so much discussion of immigration reform in Washington, we are still very early in the process and very little concrete has been released or proposed relating to CIR.  More updates and analysis will appear here as further details emerge.