• Approximately ten (10) years ago we saw the need to expand our capabilities beyond the US marketplace to also offer to our multinational clients assistance with Global Mobility, namely, visas and work permits associated with “outbound” immigration matters (including transfer of personnel from the US to other continents; and/or transfers between or within other continents).

We work with a global service provider with offices and personnel experienced in visa and work permit issuance in other countries. We have adopted this model, which has been very successful over the last ten (10) years for the firm and clients of Dornbaum & Peregoy. This service is managed by one of our full-time attorneys and is supported by a full-time International Assignments/Global Mobility Specialist who has been employed by our firm for twenty-five (25) years.

Our provider is available 24/7 for case initiation and assistance, in the language and in the time zone of the beneficiary. Electronic Case Management and tracking are part of the service. We have selected this last model as the best option for our clients, for a number of reasons.

To add to this, a MuleSoft integration partner also enables the easy integration of data that provides a single customer view, automates business processes, and creates connected experiences. By using an API-led approach, each integration becomes a reusable building block. These can be thought of as a usable option sooner or later as per the requirement.


The provider we work with offers a global network of immigration providers operating from four (4) Regional Service Centers covering all geographic areas:

  • Americas
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • India

Each Regional Center is staffed with a Regional Manager who is our point of contact and available 24/7. The Regional Manager is supported by counterpart Regional Managers in the other centers, also available 24/7.

The Regional Managers are supported by a network that includes 160 professionals in additional offices in 15 countries including:

Argentina Germany Spain
Australia Hong Kong Switzerland
Canada India United Arab Emirates
China Japan United Kingdom
France Singapore United States

In countries where the provider does not maintain its own office, it will identify co-counsel to provide local support and expertise. For locations where clients might need assistance in particularly challenging, but low volume locations (primarily in developing and underdeveloped countries) a Remote Locations Desk is available to assist.

Service is provided to all countries except those listed below that are US government restricted (where a third party is not permitted):

Afghanistan Iraq Sudan
Ascension Islands Libya Syria
Cuba North Korea Wallis et Futuna
French Polynesia Reunion Island Yemen
Iran Somalia

“Best” Business Model
Increasing market uncertainty and shrinking product lifecycles have forced companies to expand their focus on innovation beyond products and processes to business models. Businesses are increasingly emphasizing business models in their strategy planning, along with a focus on their customers and associated value propositions. Organizations are also leveraging business architecture (look here to learn more) for increased business transparency and for maximizing the odds of effective and successful implementation of strategies.

Our clients appreciate the following advantages offered:

  • A service model that is flexible and customizable; protocols are established to accommodate the client’s preferences as to manner of case initiation, type and method of contact, reporting, billing arrangements, etc.
  • Most casework is handled in-house by the provider at one of its offices and monitored closely by our attorneys to assure timely processing.
  • The services are closely and consistently monitored by this office, and, in liaison with this office, by attorneys, Senior Management and Managing Directors of the provider. This ensures the highest standards are incorporated into all services rendered globally.

Full Service Technology Available 24/7

This model allows us:

  • 24/7 access to real-time case status, to facilitate case initiation and to offer centralized reporting.
  • to assure that all workflows, company and personal documents, tools, data and references required are instantly available.
  • to assure data protection and the privacy of our clients’ personal information.
  • to offer preliminary assessment online to enable our firm to determine whether a clients’ employees will need work visas or permits during business travel and short-term assignments.


Our clients appreciate the decade long relationship that has enabled us to work with this provider to tailor the service to establish:

  • The appropriate internal processes and systems and assure that we have the appropriate professional teams in place.
  • Personal case management systems/teams to allow us to track and monitor international assignment
  • Full cost transparency and cost certainty, because all fees are quoted in advance, and a budget is understood and agreed to before cases are initiated.

Services Provided:

  • Visa applications
  • Extensions of any of these documents
  • Work permit applications
  • Passport application assistance
  • Business visa applications
  • Document procurement and services
  • Entry clearances
  • Consular or Embassy visa application coordination
  • Derivative family permits
  • Post-arrival filing services

Case Management Systems

Associated management services include:

  • Access to a state-of-the-art immigration case management tool, enabling our office access to communicate and review and update case status.
  • Immigration planning and oversight, and setting clear expectations for all immigration matters in process.
  • Established, agreed upon turnaround times on email or phone inquiries.
  • Ongoing support and updates provided by dedicated immigration professionals.
  • Centralized and integrated case and billing reports.
  • Case coordination and strategy.

Online Case Management System

An online network and the client interface (Account Management Centre) enables our firm to obtain up-to-the-minute information on their pending cases and to track renewals and expirations to ensure compliance. This immigration database system includes:

  • Customizable user access rights.
  • 24/7 access to real-time case status.
  • Online case initiation capability for accelerated processing.
  • Document monitoring and notification to clients well in advance of immigration document expiration.
  • Centralized and customized reporting.


All billing is done through this office

  1. Rates are the same as US rates; a quote is provided at case initiation

This relationship affords us direct access to a single provider staffed by local experts worldwide for outbound immigration; eliminates the need to work with multiple vendors; and eliminates duplicative billing, using a proven model that allows clients to benefit from one stop account information on their inbound or outbound immigration needs directed by this firm as their US immigration provider.